Monday, 6 August 2012

About to pop...

As I am about to enter into one the biggest and challenging changes in my life, I have decided to keep an artistic diary expressing the physical and mental changes that as a new mum, I will experience first hand. While at the same time, building a new portfolio - post birth - which I then hope will lead me into a new and fulfilling career.

I had only graduated from my MSc in Publishing a few short months before I discovered I was expecting. I was scared, confused, upset but I felt that this was meant to happen and that thought was what helped me through the transition from my young and free lifestyle into a newly domesticated and selfless woman. Over the past 9 months, I have felt myself change dramatically. I am much more grounded, focused and, I am now excited and ready to become a mother.

Photography by Chris Park
I have already felt the inspiration deep within me beginning to develop and grow, and I know that my baby will encourage me to find my way. I have to. For them. I will find my place in this world for them. And I am so happy to have that to live for.