Tuesday, 11 September 2012

She's here!

Well, two weeks have gone by.

Our beautiful baby girl arrived on the 25th of August. Like most, labour didn't go quite to plan, but a few short hours after everything began, Jess was placed into my arms. It is true what all mothers say. The feeling is indescribable. Every priority I had in my life at that point melted away, and she became it. The reason I'm here. She is perfect, just thinking about her makes me smile. I can truly say that I am now complete.

Bringing her home was exciting but daunting. I suddenly didn't have an expert at the end of a buzzer. One piece of advice I would give to women giving birth in a hospital. Stay there one night. Just one. You will sleep, get something to eat, and above all, give yourself time to adjust in the comfort of a clean, safe environment with wonderful women on hand to bring you anything you might need.

Two weeks on, and she is still mesmerising. I often find myself just staring at her. Tony keeps telling me off for holding her too much, but I just can't help it!

The generosity we have encountered has been amazing. I was told when we we're expecting not to buy anything, because people will give us everything we need...and they we're not wrong! Her room is chocked full to the brim with toys and clothes. So, I intend to pass that advice on too. Get yourself the basics, but leave all the fancy frocks and stuffed animals to the well wishers!

As we decided to call her Jessica, the recurring theme with most her gifts was rabbits. It has encouraged me to get my paint brush out and start doodling. I will post my scribbles once I am happy with any of them...my "skills' as an artist have been somewhat abandoned as off late. So watch this space...