Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bit of tweaking

A week or so has gone by and the ambition I had for this project has run a little dry. With Jess being so young and needed so much of my time, grabbing the odd hour here and there has been trying. I have the ideas, my brain is buzzing - but its connecting those thoughts to my hand which has been the tricky part. On Wednesday I was given a couple of hours in the afternoon to do some work, but the pressure to use them wisely was too much and everything I did was, to but it nicely, rubbish.

A couple of days have gone by, and its the weekend. We are breakfasted, showered, the sun is shining through the window and my head is in my sketchbook. I do tend to work a lot better during the day - I would imagine most artists are the same. Time is tight so I better crack on - but first, here is where the poster image has got to since the last post. Little further on, but a while to go. Hopefully Jess will give me time today to get on!